Family Law

The Northwest Territories and Canada have laws about family relationships such as marriage, how to separate or divorce, and many rules that guide families when separation and divorce take place including:
►► how to decide where your children will live and who will look after them,
►► how to divide up the family property, and
►► how the former married couple provides financial support to children and each other.
The NWT laws that are used most often for these situations are:
►► Family Law Act
►► Children’s Law Act
The Divorce Act is a federal law and it applies to married people who want a divorce. It does not apply to couples who are living in common-law relationships.

This chapter below also contains information on the following topics:

Family Laws in the NWT
Husband and Wife? or Common-Law?
Separation and Divorce
What’s in a Separation or Divorce Agreement?
Child Custody and Access to Children
Ways to Go through the Legal System
►► Write up an Agreement
►► Negotiation
►► Mediation
►► Collaborative Approach
►► The Court Process