Child Protection

Children who witness violence in their home

It is harmful to children when they see violence in their homes. Children experiencing family violence are more likely to miss school and cannot concentrate because they are worried about what may happen to their mother (or other family member being abused). They often feel that they are to blame for the violence in their family, causing them to have low self-esteem and difficulty in developing healthy and trusting friendships. Sometime, Child Protection Services may become involved. As children get older they may do harm to themselves and misuse alcohol and drugs. Children who are abused by violent parents may have problems throughout their lives. The abuse may lead to behavioral, academic, sexual, interpersonal, self-esteem, and spiritual problems.

Read this chapter for more information on Child Protection Services:

  • Investigation
  • Voluntary Support Services Agreement
  • The role of the Child Protection Worker (Social Worker)
  • The role of the Support Worker, Friend, Advocate
  • Plan of Care Agreement
  • Child Apprehension
  • Apprehension Hearing
  • Plan of Care Agreement – after an Apprehension
  • What is in a Plan of Care Agreement?
  • Who is on the Committee?
  • Children can be taken into temporary or permanent custody
  • Court hearing
  • Judge’s orders
  • Temporary and permanent custody orders
  • Decisions about care of children
  • Custom Adoption
  • Voluntary parental consent to adoption
  • Dealing with Child Protection Services